Registration Pending
DOB: 4/10/2015
Pedigree: Sire DWD Domino and Dam DWD Dixie
Color: Black and White Paint with white blaze

DOB 6/12/2010
Trophy Steer
Pedigree: Sire DWD Domino and Dam Jingle Bail
Color: Speckled black and white

DOB: 3/4/2020
Registration Pending
Pedigree: Sire Ricardo and Dam Daisy of Bar V
Color: Black with white underbelly and red crown

SALE PRICE: $1,000.00

DOB: 8/25/2014
CTLR Registration: 19-00117
Pedigree: Sire Mr T Trevor and Dam PJ’s Lucy Yates
Color: Brindle with White Underbelly

DOB unknown
CTLR Registration: 05-00002
Pedigree unknown registered via DNA
Color: White with Red Roan Speckles

DOB: 5/18/2005
CTLR Registration: 08-00071
Pedigree: Sire Indigo Yates and Dam LW 18
Color: Black and white paint, red dorsal line

DOB: 11/10/2008
CTLR Registration: 14-00028
Pedigree: Sire DWD Domino and Bar V Speckles
Color: White; Red Cape, Front Legs, white blaze, Speckled sides and hips

Don Coyote
DOB: 4/1/2002
CTLR Registration: 05-00004
Pedigree: Sire Don Julius and Dam Delta Ragdoll
Color: Red with White Underline wrapping up Tail and top of Hip, Roan Star

Dam - Delta Ragdoll

Sire - Don Julius

Speckles Of Bar V
DOB: 8/17/2006
CTLR Registration: 08-00073
Pedigree: Sire Don Coyote and Dam Freckles of Bar V
Color: White; Red Cape, Legs, Speckled Sides and Hips, White Patch on Forehead

DOB: 11/9/2010
CTLR Registration: 14-00029
Pedigree: Sire DWD Domino and Dam Bar V Freckles
Color: Red; Full-Face Blaze, White Underline, Speckled Rear Legs and Hips

Daisy of Bar V

DOB:  5/3/2014

CTLR Registration: 20-00084


Pedigree: Sire DWD Domino and Dam Bar V Speckles

Color: Mottled Brown and White

Big Red
DOB: 8/1/2012
Eligible but not registered
Pedigree: Sire DWD Domino, Dam Precious
Color: Mottled Red


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